About us

Hello everyone, my name is Honor and I would just like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

I am married to Pete and we have four gorgeous children, one of them kindly took the photo for me which was a giggle, as the criteria was not to show my grey hair or any of my wrinkles! So after many many photos this was the best we could get.

I love to draw, paint and grow things. My most recent experiment was growing an avocado plant from a seed. Apparently it takes 13 years to grow any edible fruit so I’ll be 55 when I can have it in a salad!

I am a Christian and involved in many church activities. I love travelling, playing board games, cheese and pickle sandwiches and fluffy slippers.

But that’s enough about me! Thank you again for visiting and I will keep you posted on new designs and how Bob the avocado plant is doing!